The Law of Repulsion

There’s a key missing ingredient in all of the literature about The Law of Attraction.

Everyone jaws on and on about how the universal law of the universe is:

Like attracts like.

Actually if you go back to your fifth grade science class (or your Paula Abdul hit list) you’ll remember that:

Opposites attract.

So all of the imagery about magnetism and attracting things is completely misread. In terms of magnetism, similar forces repel.

But Andy: What about gravity?

If you are going to twist gravity into a metaphysical law then technically it isn’t ‘like attracts like’ but:

Big attracts more…






8 responses to “The Law of Repulsion”

  1. Sharon Sarmiento Avatar

    Hmmm,that’s an interesting point.
    I am no quantum physicist or anything :-), but when I hear the term “opposites attract” I think of human relationships.
    You have 2 people who appear to be opposites–perhaps one is a party animal and one is a homebody, or one is analytical and the other is more touchy feely–but when they are attracted to each other, people say it’s cuz opposites attract.
    But really the reason why they are attracted to each other is because they each have what the other person lacks. Put these two apparently opposite things together, and they make a whole, complete, well-rounded entity.
    In human relationships, opposites attract, but there has to be some area of likeness in the two forces that makes it so that they stick together.
    Could it be that like attracts like *and* also that opposites attract?

  2. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    So all attracts all? :p

  3. Sharon Sarmiento Avatar

    Ha–yes, this is what I’m saying!
    (Maybe this is why I wasn’t invited to be one of the experts on “The Secret” movie.)

  4. barb elgin Avatar

    I just love that you aren’t buying into this whole attraction thing willy nilly (ok, no jokes).
    We NEVER discussed a ‘law of attraction’ in grad school (social work). I wonder if it’s being discussed (or, even better – researched) now.
    I wonder if anyone is studying this ‘law’? Of course, it’s proponents will say the law of attraction probably has nothing to do with such a linear, ‘earthly’? approach.
    Here’s a question for ya:
    why are you asking the question? what is the skepticism? where is it coming from?
    and, thanks again for being the brave one to speak up and ask for more ‘proof’!

  5. barb elgin Avatar

    you know, part of the frustration with the ‘research method’ is that one day one report comes out – such as that ‘milk is bad for you’ and then the next that ‘milk prevents heart disease’.
    so, in a world trying to make sense of things, where do we really get to truth? yes, two magnets repel, but how does that relate to business building and business success? does it???
    what sort of ‘process’ is at work here, in the area of growing a successful business and is the term or phrase ‘law of attraction’ just an analogy for whatever it is that occurs to get a business flying?
    remember too, that thomas leonard’s attraction principles are out there and have nothing to do with the woo-woo…
    btw, i’ve read up on the law of attraction (ex: abraham hicks) and haven’t seen ‘the secret’ yet!

  6. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    I always thought Thomas’s principles were much more concrete than the Law-lit. He had habits, distinctions and a bit more detail behind taking action.

  7. Carlos Avatar

    question. opposites do attract!
    for example a laser printer has to charge the paper with negative polarity so the ink toner particles which are in a positive polarity can attach to the paper
    i think this is a huge paradox!! wtf

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