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I started blogging in 2000 over at GeoCities and then quickly joined the Blogger craze as everyone rushed to get their thoughts and feelings instantly searchable and readable by millions of people. It has been a delight to see blogging come from the underground and begin to give ordinary people a true taste of instant, anytime, anywhere instant publishing. For business types, weblogs give you a big fat permission slip to be real, authentic and just a little nutty: in short, human. I'm entranced by 'instant global self-expression' and the technologies that make it possible. Where at first I thought the internet would make us more anti-social - I find it has broadened my horizons and allowed me to connect and collaborate with people I never ever would have even known existed.


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  1. Thanks Andy I am a newbie and for 67 years plus and for whatever reason I completely rejected computers until a few months ago I am looking forward to growth and your friendship. John