Media Runs with Blog Post and Reports Something That Never Happened

A Calvin Klein poster of Kate Moss topless was posted in the East Village in New York. One blogger muses:

This surely must not be a favorite for devout East Village Muslims especially since their rigorous prayer routine requires at least 5 viewings of the wide eyed infidel daily. It’s only a matter of time before some action is taken, and we’re dying to see what a hastily spray painted burka looks like on the young coke sniffing crusader.

New York Post then reports with no other source besides the blog post:

KATE Moss is offending Muslims in the Big Apple and she doesn’t even know it

The All Headline News jumps on the story – again with no confirmation besides the original blog post:

Moss had “upset hundreds of Muslims in New York with an advertising poster that was put up of her – and she doesn’t even know it.”

Fashion Monitor Toronto:

“hundreds” of Muslims were “infuriated

Indian paper Zee News:

Moss has “raised the hackles” of Muslims and that her “half-naked” poster is “making Muslims mad.”

Hindustan Times:

Topless Kate Moss offends Muslims!”

Huffington Post summarizes:

Update: Just to reiterate: As far as has been reported, NO MUSLIMS HAVE ACTUALLY COMPLAINED. In fact, it doesn’t look like anyone has asked them. You know, the mosque is in the East Village. I’d wager they’re actually pretty chill. But then again “Muslims Are Actually Pretty Chill About Topless-But-You-Can’t-See-Her-Front Kate Moss Poster” isn’t quite as good a story.

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