“Let’s Take That Offline”

My favorite corporate speak from a previous job is the phrase:

Let’s take that offline.

Which usually means:

I’m going to choke the shit out of you. Later.

My other favorite is:

It’s on the wiki.

Which translates to:

Fuck you. I’m not going to help you.






2 responses to ““Let’s Take That Offline””

  1. suzanne carter Avatar

    bwahahaha you ain’t kiddin.
    on both counts!
    “let’s take that offline” does bear a remarkable resemblance to … wanna take this outside, punk?
    it’s on the wiki … it’s in the KB … it’s on sharepoint … rtfm … all means the same … do it yer damnself.

  2. Leesa Barnes Avatar

    Thank god I work alone…I LMAO for about 2 minutes non stop.
    Seems like you’re settling back nicely into corporate culture, Andy. Can’t wait to see more like these.

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