How AT&T Screwed Up the iPhone

Speedbird writes:

In choosing to lock their iPhone customers into a relationship with AT&T, though, Apple also binds their own reputation to AT&T’s manifest inability to execute at anything like this level. And that’s going to haunt them as long as AT&T has exclusive access to the iPhone customer base.

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3 thoughts on “How AT&T Screwed Up the iPhone

  1. Mike Maddaloni

    Apple had an opportunity to take a stand and have the iPhone unlocked, resulting in people around the country not wondering how they would change their plans or create new ones. That reason alone is why I am not even considering it – I made a stand to only buy unlocked phones.

  2. Michael

    Absolutely, dead-on accurate.
    Apple’s iPhone had (or maybe still has) the opportunity to be the long running leader in the category — less it being quickly destroyed by AT&Ts inability to provide anything even close to reliable customer service.
    If interested, here’s my personal story about the iPhone marketing blunder.


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