Free Services is Web 2.0’s Fatal Flaw

As Twitter and it’s ilk go up and down in availability and service, Wadd writes:

Has web 2.0 become an excuse for piss poor customer service? Companies don’t need to invest in customer service because users don’t expect it. But inevitably if applications regularly fall over users will dump them and go elsewhere. Free is great, but I am beginning to think that I would rather pay for web 2.0 services on a subscription basis and have some form of service level agreement.






2 responses to “Free Services is Web 2.0’s Fatal Flaw”

  1. Duncan Avatar

    Not necessarily, it’s like any field, you get the good and bad

  2. Ayn Elise Avatar
    Ayn Elise

    As Duncan said, the good and the bad come with any field. It also depends on alot on what the business model really is to begin with. Free with Premium, too, or the down-the-line attraction of major advertisers. And how well they came up with a plan before these companies achieve popularity and then scramble to fix out-growing the model.

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