Blogwild! Featured in Today’s Wall Street Journal!

That article from made its way into the Wall Street Journal print edition! Booyah!






4 responses to “Blogwild! Featured in Today’s Wall Street Journal!”

  1. eSoup Avatar

    Andy Wibbels In The Wall Street Journal!…

    Andy Wibbels is a media magnet these days. Last week he was in USA Today, before that he was talking to 60 Minutes, and then today his book, Blogwild! A Guide For Small Business Blogging, is featured in The Wall…

  2. Tara Kachaturoff Avatar, the Sloan brothers, and their incredible team of folks is located 5 minutes from my home in the quintessential burb of Birmingham, Michigan. Wibbels, on the other hand, is merely a Skype away. Congratulations Andy … well deserved.

  3. David Stocum Avatar

    Andy you need to bottle your magic media dust and share with your friends. Will I have to make an appointment for coffee at the ICF?

  4. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    Thank you for not saying fairy dust.
    I’m most likely not making it to ICF this year :(.

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