Audio from The Secret Movie 30 Day Challenge

Thank you everybody that called in and participated! Be sure to keep in touch:

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Here’s the worksheets and mindmap.

Call 1:

MP3 File

Mega-thanks to Maryam Webster for joining us! Her sites: and The sites she recommended for folks wanting info on the techniques from the call are and

Call 2:

MP3 File

Huge thanks to Kim George for joining us! Her sites:

The producers, owners and talent of The Secret ® have absolutely nothing to do with this project and featuring their work does not indicate their endorsement or partnership or permissions. The Secret materials are being used as an instructor might assign a text or a reading group might share a book. I fully encourage you to purchase The Secret DVD and related books and products so the producers/owners of The Secret may fully realize any profits/benefits from their work. The Secret materials and related trademarks and service marks are property of their respective owners.






18 responses to “Audio from The Secret Movie 30 Day Challenge”

  1. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Hey Andy, thanks for having me on – it was a blast! I encourage everyone to download the audio and listen again, particularly to that end portion where you get the belief-busting in. Enjoy the awesome ability to remove these limiting beliefs in a twinkling!
    Quantum Leaps 2U,
    Maryam Webster

  2. Jason Wittman Avatar

    Andy, That was a really great call. Maryam Webster rocks!! You wanted me to post the link to my website and to my ezine with how to describe outcomes. Here it is: The URL is: and the link to the ezine is on the left side of the home page under ezine archives. The ezine that describes how to form outcomes is Vol. I, Issue 2. The name of the article is "The 10 Steps for Turning Your New Year’s Resolutions into Accomplished Wins"

  3. Yvonne DiVita Avatar

    Great stuff…as always, Andy. I plugged your book this week (as I always do to anyone just getting started in blogging), at a seminar on business blogging.
    Just wanted to nudge you to stop over at the petblog if you get a chance. I see that cute kitty over your shoulder!
    We’d love to feature her (him?) on the petblog, if you would just share a photo and a story. Thanks!
    Now, I’m off to find out why Steve Rubel might be a deity – hmmmm….

  4. Jeannie Avatar

    Is there any text that could be read instead of trying to listen to the tele call? Your guest Maryam has a much lower voice and I am unable to actually hear her, even with the volume on full blast.

  5. Adwynna Avatar

    Hey Andy,
    I’ve been following your comments and program on The Secret. Like you, the name has always irritated me as it’s contents are hardly a secret and I had always supported it in spite of the “hype” because it’s nice to see a positive message. Then again, I saw the original version ages ago. I never could figure out why the Hicks weren’t included in any way on The Secret’s website but your link to the New York Times article gave me my answer. I’ve owned the second version for months but have never watched it…guess I wasn’t attracted to it! Good luck with your 30 day challenge.

  6. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    I’m going to equalize the audio and that should help make Maryam more audible – I’m also going to order a transcript of the call as well – that’ll probably be ready middle of next week.

  7. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    Audio should now be clearer. Thanks for your patience. Have a great weekend everyone!

  8. Nancy Tierney Avatar

    Wow, Andy. This was a great call. And I am now a HUGE Maryam Webster fan. She does a great job of straddling the woo-woo with the practical.
    And I’m so glad someone spoke to how the Law of Attraction isn’t just about getting stuff. It’s a path of deep personal unfoldment and enrichment.

  9. schplogger Avatar

    There once was a blogger named Wibbels
    Who much preferred smart rants to snivels
    Of certain secrets he is skeptic
    Yet not apoplectic
    Though over their conceptual veracity he quibbles
    (you just got schplogged at

  10. Lynn Ward Avatar

    This call was amazingly helpful! Thanks for opening the dialogue and for having Maryam on to give us a real how-to. I’ve been focusing on making my mental shifts since Halloween. This call really revved up my evolution!
    Thanks to you both!

  11. acyclovir Avatar


    goofball semiretired…

  12. U.R. Aguru II Avatar

    I believe everyone here will enjoy this book; The Answer, by John Assaraf and Murray Smith. Assaraf was one of the teachers in The Secret. This book however, is the “how-to manual”. The fuel. Nothing flimsy here. Lots of case studies, scientific data, and not just a guide on how to successfully grow your business, but how to successfully grow as a person.

  13. Gina Avatar

    You have been tagged!!! Visit my website to find out what to do next!

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