April 30th – Blogwild! Party in Chicago

I was going to call this a book shower since it is sort of like a wedding shower but Ron didn’t want to wear a veil.
To celebrate the launch of Blogwild! as well as my birthday (the 23rd) and my dad’s (the 29th), we’re having drinks and edible goodies! This is your chance to meet the whole fam damily!
Sunday, April 30th @ 5:30 pm (Central)
Nookies Tree Restaurant (map)
3334 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL
Andy’s cell: 773 213 8584
We’ll have wine and beer and lots of stuff to munch on. Dress is casual. Leave the cuff links on the dresser.

If you will be attending: Please say so in the comments below – include how many you expect to bring with ya.






11 responses to “April 30th – Blogwild! Party in Chicago”

  1. Brigitte Avatar

    But it could be a baby shower! I’d like to RSVP for 1 please.

  2. Kevin ELizabeth Morrison Avatar
    Kevin ELizabeth Morrison

    I’ll be there! What’s the cross street. No parking (impossible to find parking) either right? If there a lot? I’ll have a car because of another stop I’m making first.

  3. Liz Strauss Avatar

    This is Liz from Successful-Blog. I can walk there from my building. Send me and email and let me know if I can do anything to help you set up or other such stuff.

  4. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    Why, Brigitte, are you preggers?

  5. Nicole Bond Avatar

    Hi Andy!
    Long time no see this email address, right?
    I was thinking about Shakespeare today and remembered your birthday! I peeked at coachamatic to find a brand new published author! Wow! Way to go! I’ll try to stop by on the 30th. Glad to see you doing so well!
    Happy Birthday,

  6. Teresa Rendleman Avatar
    Teresa Rendleman

    Mr. Wibbels – I would have loved to attend – happy early b’day. The GPs (my parents aka grandparents) are moving back to Batavia from Florida. I cannot join you.
    Could we lunch sometime –

  7. Elise Hamilton Avatar
    Elise Hamilton

    Andy! Long time, no speak! Hope life is treating you well. No can do for the party, but wishing you and Dad a happy day.
    I’ve moved from the burbs to the city. Loving it! Would love to hear what’s going on with you. Blogwild looks like one of those “what’s”. Congratulations!

  8. Harding, Matthew L Avatar

    I will do my best to be there for your special day you special boy.

  9. Barbara Avatar

    Absolutely will join you before I meet my husband and starving college student niece for dinner, or maybe I’ll just bring em with me to give you more audience for your book!

  10. tbrugh Avatar

    hello Teresa , how have you been?

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