Yahoo myM: Social Networking

Are you looking for yet another way to connect with all of your friends and business colleagues? Yes, another social networking tool is now available for your connecting enjoyment – myM from Yahoo. Supposedly it allows you to connect cross-platform making it easier to keep in touch with everyone.
If you want to find out more about Yahoo myM, check out Stan Schroeder’s article at Mashable and then hop on over to Yahoo to get the scoop on this new tool.
If you’re using this tool, let us know what you think? If you’re not, what tool are you using and why do you like your current choice?






2 responses to “Yahoo myM: Social Networking”

  1. Lyle T. Lachmuth Avatar

    I use several systems.
    I think eclectic professionals need several tools.
    So, I use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Plaxo.

  2. Shirley Burling Avatar
    Shirley Burling

    I think I read about this on James Brausch’s blog a while ago. This is a fantastic tip!

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