Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Blog Burns My Retinas

Joho links to Wrigley’s blog for Juicy Fruit gum.

Screencap of Wrigleys blog for Juicy Fruit gum.

Let’s see:

  • No permalinks
  • It is a fake blog written from the woman in the ads who won’t let go of her gum – and neither will the teen that also has grabbed the same gum. And yet – are either of them actually enjoying product – ya know – chewing the damned gum..? Nope, they are simply holding on to it like consumerist mad mall-spawn.
  • Ungainly Flash/framed interface – hope blind people don’t chew gum.
  • No comments
  • No archive listings
  • And the actual post takes up about 10% of the available screen real estate.
  • And a god-awful, took-1-hour-to-create purported ‘game’ where it tests how long you can hold down your mouse button. Oh and you can send it to a friend in case they aren’t capable of pressing their index finger for more than 10 seconds.






4 responses to “Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Blog Burns My Retinas”

  1. Toby Avatar

    Seems to me it’s not a ‘blog’ in our traditional sense but a blog format used to deliver content..be that good or bad.
    Also seems to me that as more companies adopt blog platforms for ‘nontraditional blogging’ we really need to add additional words to our industry vocabulary. What do you call a ‘blog’ that does not open comments or trackbacks? Is it still a ‘blog’ or simply a content management system? How about a blog newsletter?

  2. Solopreneurial Tendencies Avatar

    The Juicy Fruit “Blog”: Make It Stop!

    I had the great misfortune of looking at the ridiculous Juicy Fruit “blog” today. It doesn’t even qualify as strangely compelling…it’s just plain dumb. In every possible way. Thanks Andy and Matt. I think….

  3. Heather Avatar

    Uhh, this is obviously marketing, folks. “It’s not a real blog”…. give me a break. I think it’s meant for 12 year old kids too.

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