Would You Piss Yourself For an iBook?

I guess this makes Apple a real Lovemark:

Apple iBook sale in Richmond, VA, turned violent today when people began to fight over the $50, four-year-old used machines on sale by Henrico County School System. One woman urinated on herself instead of losing her place in line. Others were shoved to the ground, and one man tried to drive his car into the crowd.






2 responses to “Would You Piss Yourself For an iBook?”

  1. Jake Avatar

    My girlfriend and I recently went through something (not as bad) similar at the Saratoga Springs Race Track. We were one of 10s of thousands that stood in line for a 3 dollar blanket!! The worse part is some people actually went through more than once. We actually saw one guy with what had to be at least 25 of them in a large garbage bag. You want to know why? So they could do this!!
    60,000 and they came up short!? Wow!!

  2. JSLogan Avatar

    Now that’s funny. And silly.
    Great post title.

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