Worst. Cover Letters. Ever.

HRWorld has some cringe-worthy coverletters:
“I have experience in the pre-funding, due dilligence, and inception stages of the venture capital and formulation cycles, for a US$7.8 billion (yes, BILLION) start-up company, overseas.”

“I am a dilettante and a factotum whose knowledge of English and its usage, earmark me as an ideal candidate.”






2 responses to “Worst. Cover Letters. Ever.”

  1. Jason Avatar

    Wow – I re-re-re-read my coverletters before sending them out, but still have the occasional typo or poor English, but these take the cake.
    I wonder who the VCs were for that $7B start-up? 😉

  2. Internet Marketing Avatar

    Seriously A nIce blog to read ..

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