WordPress Themes: 2 More Really Cool Ones

I know I’ve posted more than a few times about WordPress themes, but I’ve found some more! Currently, I’m reading Robin Williams’ Web Design Workshop for a class I‘m taking — I love design, color and I want to improve my skill in that area.
In the past few months, I’ve spent hours looking at all sorts of WordPress themes and am continually amazed by the creativity I see. Problogger, Daniel Scocco, editor of Daily Blog Tips, has published several complimentary themes and they’re definitely worth checking out. I believe he has plans to release one new theme each month.
Currently, there are two available — DeepBlue and GreenTech. Both have been very popular with his readers. Deep Blue was designed by Nathan Rice and GreenTech created by Mayank Gupta from Review Saurus

If you’re looking for some very nice designs that incorporate ad blocks, check these out.
Deep Blue WordPress Theme
GreenTech WordPress Theme






6 responses to “WordPress Themes: 2 More Really Cool Ones”

  1. Dave Origano Avatar

    Hey Tara,
    thanks for the heads up on these two blog skins. They both are really nice and easy to work with.
    I’ll be implementing one of those in my future blogs or projects.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  2. ReviewSaurus Avatar

    Hey Tara,
    Thanks for the linkback and appreciating the themes 🙂
    @ Dave : I’m glad you liked the theme 🙂

  3. Sham @ Enhance Life Avatar

    Really great blog templates.. too bad I have a blogger template 🙁

  4. Jay, memberspeed.com Avatar

    I can see that you love design, color and want
    to improve your skill in that area. I feel the same.
    Keep up the good work. Just keep at it. =)Thanks for sharing the blog skins. Your post is much appreciated.

  5. Jason wallace Avatar

    really a intersting blog post

  6. Internet Marketing Avatar

    yeah !! Jason your right

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