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From the put up or shut up department: I got tired of Pingomatic.com being down – not the pinging part of the site but the part that I can query to grab ‘last updated’ info for my blogrolls. I knew that Blogrolling.com did this and wondered if there was a way to get the two together. Not having the mad skillz needed, I put a bid on Rentacoder and enter Rob Miller WordPress master tinkerer. And so we present:

Blogroll Updater

By Rob Miller (Commissioned by Andy Wibbels)

This plugin works with WordPress v2.0 and later.

Tired of waiting for Pingomatic’s API to come back online? Weblogs.com ‘last updated’ info taking way too long to load? Blogroll Updater grabs your Blogrolling.com Blogroll and compares it to links in your WordPress links directory. It then uses the Blogrolling.com Blogroll’s ‘last updated’ information to tell WordPress when your links were last updated. You’ll need to have a links list hosted over at Blogrolling.com. http://blogrolling.com/


  1. Simply drop into your wp-plugins folder and activate.
  2. Go to Options > Blogroll Updater.
  3. Input how many minutes you want the plugin to wait before running the update. I set it at 120 minutes.
  4. Paste your Blogroll RSS feed URL in the Feed URL spot.

To get this, login to Blogrolling and click on Get Code for your blogroll, and then look under RSS and you’ll see the big long link. It’ll start with http://rpc.blogrolling.com/rss.php…

When testing, you can use the Force Update button to force an update and not have to wait 30 (or whatever) minutes.

How to Tell It’s Working

To ensure it is functioning properly, view your Blogrolling.com Blogroll and check the ‘last updated’ date of one of the links. Then compare it to the ‘last updated’ date in your WordPress links directory for the same URL. They should match.

Download it now.






9 responses to “WordPress Plugin Blogroll Updater”

  1. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    That link is really about avoiding using Blogrolling for a JavaScript insert because it won’t be indexed by Google. Even if you use a full insert for the blogroll, most of the links might still have the ‘nofollow’ attribute attached to them. This is pretty much for cosmetic purposes for me – I want to have the most recently updated blogs at the top of my lists.
    This plugin doesn’t use Javascript for the insert – it is grabbing the feed every x minutes and updated the links directory with it.

  2. BB Avatar

    Just messin’ with ya 😉

  3. Robin Avatar

    Mine doesn’t seem to be updating.

  4. Chris Avatar

    Mine either Robin…

  5. jidoes Avatar

    My name is Ribuala, I am 15yrs.I am doing a general finding out on blogs related to your theme.I have found yours most interesting. I would always like to give my opinion on matters I found on your blog. Is that ok? I like your blog.

  6. indi Avatar

    good idea, but for me it’s saying
    Cannot redeclare class magpierss in … /wp-includes/rss-functions.php on line 14

  7. Prateek Avatar

    I just released a plugin for the exact same purpose – LinkedList. Do check it out.

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