WordPress Named Best Web App of the Year

Congrats to the WordPress crew. ArsTechnica named it the #1 web-based application of the year. I really do like tinkering with WordPress and look forward to multi-blog support (I think that’ll sky-rocket WP into the stratosphere):

WordPress is the most prominent rising star of weblog software, completely free and with a large and active community. Styles, plugins and hacks are readily available, with problems such as comment spamming being addressed far more rapidly than competing applications.

With their new support for themes as well as the new plug-in architecture, WordPress grows in sophistication with each new release. Webhosts are starting to add it as a ‘one-click install’ for their customers. And since it’s GPL there’s no way in hell they can start charging for licenses.
I’ll also point to the friendliness of the developer community. I asked a quick question – got a response in about 15 minutes – that didn’t work – got another suggestion a bit later – and then got a third response a bit later. Then when I got my little tweak to work – I posted it in the WP Wiki for safekeeping.






2 responses to “WordPress Named Best Web App of the Year”

  1. Matt Avatar

    So Andy, ole buddy, ole pal…
    Would you suggest switching from Typepad to WordPress. You have, right?
    I started with Typepad for 1 reason and 1 reason only — ’cause you seemed to like it best and I respect your opinion. Now, after a year of using it, I’ve advanced and am now noticing some real limitations.
    Can you do a quick compare of WordPress vs. Typepad, or do you know of one?
    Switching over would be a pain, but I have big plans for my blog and I’d like it to be as flexible as possible.
    Switching would also probably hurt my site’s SE rankings, at least for awhile, right?
    Thanks, dude.

  2. Des Walsh Avatar

    Hi Matt
    Glad to see Andy has invited you to be a guest blogger too!
    >Switching would also probably hurt my site’s SE rankings, at least for >awhile, right?
    You might have noticed my posts here about blogging platforms: I’ve just switched from Typepad to Blogware, via the reseller BlogHarbor (run by the immensely helpful John Keegan). I thought about the se situation, having a 3/10 Google PR for my TP based blog and it comes up well on various searches and 0/10 natch and more limited surfacing for the new one. So for the time being I’m doing a mirror of posts (not mirroring the whole site) and find I’m still getting more pings from the old blog than the new one. Would hate to lose the benefit of what I’ve built up – once the PR for the new one is up to speed, I’ll probably pension off the TP site. I reduced my TP sub down to the basic one as I did not need all the bells and whistles or multiple site options. It still works out cheaper with Blogware. I’ve noted AW’s paeans of praise for WordPress, but it’s out of my technical reach.
    Hope this is helpful.

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