WordPress.com Is Not WordPress.org

Summary: WordPress.com offers free, instant blogging but lacks the full features of the WordPress platform.
A lot of clients are asking me about WordPress and how it stacks up to other blogging platforms like Blogger or Typepad. Only problem is: There are two types of WordPress: WordPress.org and WordPress.com.
If you go to WordPress.org you’ll see the site for the WordPress blogging platform. WordPress is an open source software project. Open source software is developed by a global community of programmers – anyone can contribute to an open source software project. Further, open source software is free to download, free to install and free to tweak as you see fit (there’s a lot more to open source than that, though). WordPress.org is for information about software – the blogging platform called WordPress.
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4 responses to “WordPress.com Is Not WordPress.org”

  1. Aeriol Avatar

    Thanks Andy. I had been wondering about that. I have been considering setting up one of these blogs that you host on your own server and wondering the differences. How does WordPress compare to the fairly similar platform that Typepad has, that you buy and install? Best Aeriol.

  2. Chris H Avatar

    Same here!
    I went to download WordPress the other day for a site I was making and ended up at WordPress.com. Left me confused 😆
    Interesting to see that WordPress is matching up against Blogger.com. Any ideas how they compare functionality-wise? Another question for me is if WordPress.com have the ability to tag ‘theor’ blogs as spam, something I’ve seen Blogger.com do?
    But for me WordPress.org wins any day!

  3. alan Avatar

    Blogger has the tendency to delete blogs
    without investigating. I wonder about

  4. mobic Avatar


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