Why Doctors Should Blog

Yvonne’s close encounter gives insight in why physicians and hospitals might add blogs to their marketing mix:

I don’t want to give them that information. There’s too much on the internet already, the doc declared. Great opportunity to make sure they have correct information, I replied. But they don’t need to know all that, he proclaimed. It would only confuse them. Besides there are not too many physicians, in fact there are not enough. And I’m too busy now. I don’t need any more patients.

It would only confuse them. Those peasants. How dare they research their own conditions online and understand how to make the best healthcare decisions possible.






2 responses to “Why Doctors Should Blog”

  1. Barbara C. Phillips, NP Avatar

    Hey Andy,
    Well I don’t know about docs, but this Nurse Practitioner blogs about healthy and successful aging for women. In both my physical and virtual practice, my number one concern is education.
    An individual cannot make the best choice for themselves without understanding what, why and how. But then, I’ve always practiced this way.

  2. Lori Avatar

    I am a physician and am planning to start a blog (in my free!? time). I have always welcomed patients questions and value patients having access to good and accurate information on the web. However, I plan to use my blog as a way to share insight about the life of physicians and ways (through literature, poetry, the arts) that we can better connect on an emotional and spiritual level with our patients and families. I have found that this makes me a better person and physician.

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