When PDFs Piss Me Off

I’m not going to get into politics on my biz blog but it really really really pisses me off when organizations and companies and politicians release major new-making documents online… and only in PDF format. That really drives me absolutely batshit crazy. Take the whole extra 5 minutes in Word to do File > Save As… : Web document.






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  1. Matthew Rochte Avatar

    9 Reasons I can come up with that they do that and why I do it too (with the exception of #8).
    Its because
    1) Most people who create the documents don’t know what to do with the html (IMHO more hassle than it is worth)
    2) pdf is universally readable (readers are available for 99% of computers out there)
    3) PDF preserve the layout of the page because every browser will view it differently.
    4) Helps preserve intellectual property.
    5) The corporation does not want people cutting and pasting from the article.
    6) Not everyone wants comments made on their postings.
    7) the corporation, organization, or news entity wants to preserve the file to either resell, store, or redistribute.
    8) There are still luddites (often the same people creating these pdfs) who insist on printing everything they want to read so might as well make it look pretty. (ok so that point is ishy)
    9) PDF making is a heck of a lot faster. Print to PDF. Done. Or if you are using Open Office – click the PDF button -DONE.
    Could we make editing, cutting and pasting easier with PDFs – Yes. And you can in the settings when you create it.

  2. Pee Female Pee Pee Hole Avatar

    Pee Female Pee Pee Hole…

    I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you got good point of view…

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