What’s a weblog?

A weblog (or ‘blog’ for short) is an easily, instantly and frequently updated website focused around a topic, industry or personality.
A weblog consists of dated entries (called ‘posts’) that highlight captivating and useful stuff that you’ve found online – and your opinion about it.
If you can send an email, you can publish a weblog. You add new entries using an online form and they are published immediately online – without having to know web design, or computer programming.
Your weblog’s entries can be organized by their date of publication or category so they are easily searchable and indexed. You can also publish graphics, multimedia and other types of documents like spreadsheets and presentations.
Further, others can add their own comments and talk back on your blog, creating an active discussion. They can even link to their own blogs and websites or suggest other online resources. Over time, these links create an ever-growing network of connections and know-how that can help you test-drive new products and ideas and reach out to customers, clients and colleagues.
Weblogs help entrepeneurs as a cheap and fast way to begin building an online audience. And because you are managing your blog with a blogging tool there are 10,000 less decisions to make in getting yourself up and online. You don’t have to wait to choose a web designer and go through a proposal and contracting process and prototyping and testing and previewing… you just write, post and publish.
If you’d like to know more about how a weblog can help your business and how to start writing one tonight, you can take download a free preview of my workshop on blogging.
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  1. Toby Avatar

    Nice explanation … and you never mentioned the word “journal” once. Hurray!

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