Welcome 2 More Guest Bloggers

I’d like to do a quick announcement to welcome Matt Perelstein and Maryam Webster as guest bloggers to Easy Bake Weblogs. They were both in my seminar and kept sending me blogging articles and stuff and so – like Des – I figured why not let them post them themselves? Welcome folks – thanks for joinin in the fun!
Matt’s blog is at http://2gethelp.blogs.com/ and Maryam’s is at http://maryamwebster.blogs.com/.






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  1. Matt Avatar

    Thanks, Andy!
    Just a quick intro…
    Like Andy, I’m a computer pro by day, coach and trainer by night (hoping someday soon for it to be the other way around).
    Unlike Andy, I’m a PC database consultant and programmer, specializing in desiging, coding and installing customized Microsoft Access applications (a nice niche, so far).
    On the coaching side, my wife and I have been putting on an intensive personal growth weekend workshop for over 17 years now. We keep doing it because the concepts work, and work well. My blogs is all about what I have learned, and continue to learn, but doing this amazing workshop, and watching people go thru such amazing transformations.
    I blog at night. I blog during the day (when I’m supposed to be programming). I blog early in the morning (it’s 02:27 right now). I stay up all night at least 1-2 nights a week to blog and write and read and explore. I am driven by my need to understand and to teach people what we have learned from these many weekends of intense exploration and closeness. The basic concept is that learning about our Feelings and Emotions is really ALL that matters in living a happy, joyfilled, Loving life. It ain’t the money, it ain’t the number of friends we have, it ain’t our family — it’s just us, what’s going on inside us, our hearts, our heads, our attitudes and our beliefs. Managing our feelings, staying on course, finding good in life, living and loving wisely, making good decisions, keeping a good Attitude. That’s what we need, and that’s ALL we need. (oh, want to hear some great news: there is no charge ever, there is no limit to the entertainment, inspiration and intimacy we can experience, and there is no way anyone can ever take it away from you!)
    (well, there I go, rambling on again … I’ll now copy and paste the above paragraph, to file it neatly away, to maybe be used later in a letter or a blog or a brochure.)
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by.
    If someone needs to hire some blogging help, send them to Andy.
    Write On!
    – Matt

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