We’ve Always Had Social Media

Reading more analysis from last week’s Web 2.0 conference:

Thriving communities, tribes, and cultures have existed for ages. If its possible to do well without whatever the new secret sauce is, it suggests there’s an underlying element that’s not being talked about. I’m convinced there is a more refined explanation for what people might gain from buying what the expo vendors are selling, but very few people seemed capable of even suggestion one.

We have always been collaborative. Always been social. It’s in our genes and it’s what we have evolved to do well. Good technologies enhance our natural abilities, give us useful artificial ones, and help us to get more of what we want from life. Web 2.0 and social media make the process of collaboration and developing relationships more fun, efficient, powerful and meaningful.






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  1. Ayn Elise Avatar
    Ayn Elise

    Nice article. Of course, we have always been collaborative and social beings. I laughed when I first encountered the term Web 2.0, actually.
    I thought to myself, well, the technology advanced and now people are taking notice of the trend and what that can do for them. If someone puts a label on something, then Bam, we have a new trend. Happens all the time and is a bit of the case of re-inventing the wheel to me on a very basic level. More complexity does exist in a larger discussion framework, but I don’t have time or the space right now.
    Just my thoughts from outside of the professional sphere of existance.

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