Wayne Kelly on The Secret Movie

Wayne hits the ceiling:

I have hit my breaking point on people who are putting down the movie The Secret and why it doesn’t work. Many of these people are not making much money selling their own books and seminars so they take the principle of piggybacking media stories (Like the Secret) but use their own twist to lash out in order for the media to take notice. Unless you are fellow giant in the Motivational industry, your negative thoughts mean nothing to the media. In fact it can work against you in this situation. Are they really missing the point??? The Secret has done something that no other motivational speaker was able to do on their own.






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  1. Erin Blaskie Avatar

    I hate to say it (I still totally love you Andy) but I kind of agree with Wayne Kelly…
    You see, we all do this to some extent. We write about what is hot, what is getting flagged as being the best keyword right now, and we try to make it relevant. Sometimes we succeed and other times we fail.
    What I totally agree with in Wayne’s post is that people don’t realize to what effect their writing has on other people.
    As an example, when you were blogging about disliking “The Secret”, I never really knew what exactly it was that you did not like. For me, I assumed (I know, I know… when you assume…) that you did not like the fundamentals, the principles, and for me, that sort of goes against someone’s character. I mean, how can you not like a little positive thinking and goal setting? What is it about that mindset that is a turn off?
    It didn’t turn me off of your blog and your ezine, etc. but it did make me wonder about what people were writing about and whether or not they really meant what they were saying. Is it hype, is it real…? These are the doubts that then filter into ones thoughts when they just aren’t sure what the motive behind the energy is.
    I don’t mean to go off on a rant (I promise) but I did want to further comment on Wayne’s entry because it’s something I had been thinking about since the whole Secret stuff started…
    I think it’s wonderful for everyone to have their own opinions and take a stance on things they believe in, but I think it has to be something you are clear about from the beginning.

  2. david Avatar

    if the secret is so powerful why does it have to be hawked in books, semimars and movies. if it actually worked then take it to iraq, or somalia or darfur. oops guess not. seeing as how they couldn’t afford to “buy” the secret.
    what a load of crap.

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