Wal-Mart Buyers Love Linux PC Under $200

Wal-Mart always pushes the envelope – sometimes good, sometimes bad – in terms of value, price and expectations. They’ve started selling Linux-based PCs again for under $200 and consumers – real people, I presume – love them:

Yes, this product does NOT run Windows without some modifications, but it’s not MADE to. For what it is, it does a SUPERB job. It runs a very lightweight derivative of Ubuntu, and runs it well. This machine is geared towards people who need something cheap that does the basics – surfing the net, email, IM’s, and some light wordprocessing. For the price, you can’t beat it. It’s not geared towards power users, or gamers, so those who are looking for something cheap that plays WoW or other games, I recommend you look elsewhere.

And that’s always the big dirty secret right? Most people don’t use the full features of any of the software they pay tons of money for. Probably 80/20 but I’d say it is more.






2 responses to “Wal-Mart Buyers Love Linux PC Under $200”

  1. Aaron Grossman Avatar

    I think Wal-Mart got it right this time in terms of offering products that consumers value. Technology-related products aren’t targeted to the segment of the population that needs to stay connected at affordable prices. Satellite television packages, fully-featured cars, and unnecessarily fast and proficient computers burn the wallets of low-income people whose only alternative is to live without the technology entirely. And the worst part is that most of the people who find a way to pay for these items utilize only the functions provided by lower-end products like the Linux PC. Hopefully, companies are learning from Wal-Mart and Linux that decreased profit margin can be a good exchange for a little consumer loyalty.

  2. Shama Hyder Avatar

    Hey Andy-
    Thanks for posting this! I think its a great niche product and very Walmart suitable.

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