Tris Hussey Launches Work at Home Blog

My buddy/colleague Tris over at Larix has launched a new project: a blog for a book he’s writing on working at home and the trials and tribulations of life, love, parenting and business while trying to roll out of bed at the right time on the right days:

Right now it’s titled Daddy Wears Slippers to Work and is pretty much a how to guide to being a successful teleworker/work at home kinda person. Now, if you read my main blog (A View from the Isle) you know that I like to spin a good yard. And if you’ve hung out with me, know know that I have more than a few stories up my sleeve about working from home.






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  1. E Avatar

    Hi, love the book title! I’m a mummy that wears slippers to work. I was searching for a blog about working from home, just the normal kinda stuff you get up to in one day that only a homeworker can love and appreciate. Eg, shall I do that report or clean out the hamster. Plus, as usual, I was looking for a distraction from my proper work, which I anticipate will start around 2pm when I finally decide I really ought to do something I am being paid to do. Blogging may save my sanity and stop me asking the dog’s opinion on things.

  2. Vince Pinzone Avatar
    Vince Pinzone

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