Track Legislation with GovTrack

I thought of something like this a couple months and knew others were thinking the same thing.
GovTrack puts an RSS feed to track your favorite Congress-people as well as different pieces of legislation through the halls of Congress.
Now I can track my elected leaders every move! Touche Ashcroft Gonzales!
This is the big part about RSS feeds. You don’t have to get just headlines – you can track/monitor anything you can think of. I’d love it if Congress adopted a sophisticated system of permalinks for all drafts of legislation along with tracking of all bills through the entire pipeline (wouldn’t it be wild if it showed different versions of bills, too? That way you can see when some bastard senator plopped in a piece of pork at the eleventh hour. That and feeds for all of the committees and what-not. If you don’t have enough money to hire a lobbyist – at least you can keep tabs on your favorite topics as they move through the sausage-grinder.
Barack Obama: I’m watching you!






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