Track it Now: Conversations in the Blogosphere

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably subscribed to many others. And like many information-oriented folks, you probably subscribe to a number of blogs which cover many of your favorite topics of interest. I subscribe to several blogs about blogging. And then there are all those other blogs I subscribe to – new business and product development, marketing, branding, and on and on. I subscribe to about 20 blogs. And I barely have time to keep up with the headlines on those.
A lot of interesting conversations happen on these blogs – too many for me to follow. But alas, there’s a solution. Want to track conversations in the blogosphere on your favorite topic? Now you can. The folks over at Mashable have compiled yet another incredible list – this one all about tools for tracking discussions in the blogosphere. Check out this awesome list that includes such applications as or Memeorandum which tracks political conversation or Blogniscient which covers a wide variety of topics.






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