Top 10 Blogging Habits That Need to Die

First there was this list: (I haven’t done any of these – and I am having some serious template lust)
5. The word “kerfuffle.�
4. I’m not calling it “Web 2.0″ because it’s just so over.
3. Referencing “Denton� and “Calacanis� in the same overly-reverential sentence.
2. Using. Periods. After. Every. Damn. Word.
1. Blogging with Britney Spears’ baby on your lap.
and then this one from the Blog Herald
6. Referring to TechChrunch every day
7. Linking to Scoble every day
8. Saying there isn’t an A-List or that it’s not important when you are an A-Lister and you only ever link to other A-Listers excluding everyone else
9. Saying there is 27 million blogs (or sometimes less) in the blogosphere because that’s how many blogs Technorati tracks
10. Writing about the blogosphere as though it only exists in the United States






99 responses to “Top 10 Blogging Habits That Need to Die”

  1. Brian Clark Avatar

    Hey Andy, thanks for the link and the lust. 🙂
    The template is the work of Chris Pearson ( so go hit him up for a quote!

  2. Javier Avatar

    POint 8 and 10 are very true.
    Sorry for them

  3. mobic Avatar


  4. norco Avatar


  5. renova Avatar


  6. soma Avatar


  7. vioxx Avatar


  8. zyban Avatar


  9. effexor Avatar

    HeÒs impressed by how many people are keen to attend public talks and debates at the moment.

  10. elavil Avatar

    Finally we have a replacement for my long lost beloved riding crop! (The story about how I lost it is here if youÒre interested.)

  11. enalapril Avatar

    was reading over in the Blogasm blog bettymcboobs’s tale of the first time she Licked a Girl and it reminded me of my first time.

  12. erythromycin Avatar

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I say.

  13. evista Avatar

    Your imagination, confidence, willingness to explore, and appreciation of beauty make you a CREATOR.

  14. fioricet Avatar

    Naughty Virgin’s Inside the Mind of A Virgin

  15. flexeril Avatar

    well, you’ll have to go for a leak eventually, won’t you? then we’ll see what happens.

  16. flomax Avatar

    Kim RightÅ Look! Shadow puppets! ItÒs a dog! Ruff RuffÅ Meeow!

  17. fluoxetine Avatar

    The Independent also reported OUPÒs Ñtabloid spellingÒ story and their leader writer takes a most enlightened view about it.

  18. fosamax Avatar

    Note also his use of the word ÓliberatiÔ in the first interview.

  19. glucophage Avatar

    explicit work is ok. Please include a short biography with your work.

  20. hgh Avatar

    I was thinking this afternoon about the old saw “A man wants all women for one thing, a woman wants one man for all things.”

  21. hyzaar Avatar

    I wonder how robust this statistic is? And does this one only tell half of its own story?

  22. ibuprofen Avatar

    Yesterday was much quieter, but we managed to fit in a visit from Nicki and Clemmie, who enjoyed capering with her cousines.

  23. insulin Avatar

    i lay there like a piece of meat, being seen to by a butcher with seven and a half fingers left.

  24. klonopin Avatar

    The Female Talent can’t see what the director is asking for, so she turns around and faces the camera again.

  25. lamisil Avatar

    then i looked around me, and down at the shag pile rug i was sinking into, and realised that maybe, for him, they’d never been away.

  26. lasix Avatar

    Enjoy our beloved Gore Vidal in all his clothed glory.

  27. levitra Avatar

    HPV causes genital warts, which have never been fun. But in its most deadly strains, it’s the primary cause of cervical cancer.

  28. lipitor Avatar

    Secret History featuring yet another media appearance for Bessie and Ted.

  29. lithium Avatar

    ItÒs the only time of the year I wish I had Sky to watch the whole terrible but unmissable award show live. We used to have Oscar parties to watch it all through the night!

  30. lortab Avatar

    Instead Cup seems like a good option, but I know next

  31. meclizine Avatar

    Remember my little music box that I was so delighted to discover this winter? Yes, Pandora.

  32. metformin Avatar

    I call him after the awards fiasco, very drunk and tired. “It’s not in the stars,” he says, explaining why it has been impossible for our paths to actually cross.

  33. metronidazole Avatar

    ÓWant me to massage that?Ô sheÒd said, laying her hand two inches above the bunched pile of sheet at his crotch. Her voice cracked the quiet like a baseball hitting a window.

  34. mobic Avatar

    I couldnÒt sleep last night, but sheÒs been completely fine

  35. morphine Avatar

    The Omaha World Herald is now running an online vote asking whether the judge was right. You can find a link to the story near the voting buttons at the bottom of the page.

  36. norco Avatar

    Think about that the next time you get off on a money shot.

  37. paxil Avatar

    But the absolute, most dreadful Best Ex is the one who broke up with you for cheating, hasn’t spoken to you in years, and will be attending the upcoming wedding of two close mutual friends.

  38. penicillin Avatar

    the only time the gentlemen of the youth group were interested in my knotting skills was when we were in competition with other youth groups.

  39. percocet Avatar

    Linguist Geoff Nunberg considers the way politicians and journalists are pronouncing place names associated with the war on Iraq.

  40. phenergan Avatar

    There are some really good web resources on sign language.

  41. pravachol Avatar

    As soon as you do, we’ll stop selling it.

  42. prednisone Avatar

    Tim suggests that whatÒs special about Tom WatsonÒs blog is that heÒs the first politician to use a blog to tell us what he really thinks instead of just telling us whatÒs in his diary.

  43. premarin Avatar

    Two languagey stories in todayÒs Independent, both useable for teaching, I think.

  44. prevacid Avatar

    Staying with a poetic theme, here is something I wrote in college. As you can see, I have a rather warped sense of humor.

  45. prilosec Avatar

    i could easily excape, given the chance, but i thought it diplomatic to end the situation through a request, rather than through rebellion.

  46. protonix Avatar

    Luckily, Stefan, the director of the institute, was there to discuss it all and I enjoyed listening to Alan and Stefan discussing it all.

  47. prozac Avatar

    Today is the European Day of Languages. I wonder if David Blunkett is taking part?

  48. ranitidine Avatar

    ItÒs simple but effective. They also do other genres. Adolescent poetry is worth a look.

  49. reglan Avatar

    ItÒs official now. Black people love ethnorotica. [LiveJournal]

  50. renova Avatar

    Yes, I love these guys. I want them to be President. Nobody mentions this, but this is really a brilliant parenting book. Throw the rest of them out. (*****)

  51. risperdal Avatar

    IÒm surprised she didnÒt wait until tomorrow night.

  52. skelaxin Avatar

    My highbrow argument goes something like “Because of Joy King and Steve Orenstein, silly!”

  53. tablets Avatar

    IÒd post a Scottish photo but blueyonder is letting me down again.

  54. topamax Avatar

    WeÒre having a lazy Sunday around here, nothing special going on. IÒm still trying to find a comforable sitting positionÅ

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