Top 10 Blogging Habits That Need to Die

First there was this list: (I haven’t done any of these – and I am having some serious template lust)
5. The word “kerfuffle.�
4. I’m not calling it “Web 2.0″ because it’s just so over.
3. Referencing “Denton� and “Calacanis� in the same overly-reverential sentence.
2. Using. Periods. After. Every. Damn. Word.
1. Blogging with Britney Spears’ baby on your lap.
and then this one from the Blog Herald
6. Referring to TechChrunch every day
7. Linking to Scoble every day
8. Saying there isn’t an A-List or that it’s not important when you are an A-Lister and you only ever link to other A-Listers excluding everyone else
9. Saying there is 27 million blogs (or sometimes less) in the blogosphere because that’s how many blogs Technorati tracks
10. Writing about the blogosphere as though it only exists in the United States

99 thoughts on “Top 10 Blogging Habits That Need to Die

  1. elavil

    Finally we have a replacement for my long lost beloved riding crop! (The story about how I lost it is here if youÒre interested.)

  2. hgh

    I was thinking this afternoon about the old saw “A man wants all women for one thing, a woman wants one man for all things.”

  3. lamisil

    then i looked around me, and down at the shag pile rug i was sinking into, and realised that maybe, for him, they’d never been away.

  4. lithium

    ItÒs the only time of the year I wish I had Sky to watch the whole terrible but unmissable award show live. We used to have Oscar parties to watch it all through the night!

  5. metformin

    I call him after the awards fiasco, very drunk and tired. “It’s not in the stars,” he says, explaining why it has been impossible for our paths to actually cross.

  6. metronidazole

    ÓWant me to massage that?Ô sheÒd said, laying her hand two inches above the bunched pile of sheet at his crotch. Her voice cracked the quiet like a baseball hitting a window.

  7. morphine

    The Omaha World Herald is now running an online vote asking whether the judge was right. You can find a link to the story near the voting buttons at the bottom of the page.

  8. paxil

    But the absolute, most dreadful Best Ex is the one who broke up with you for cheating, hasn’t spoken to you in years, and will be attending the upcoming wedding of two close mutual friends.

  9. prednisone

    Tim suggests that whatÒs special about Tom WatsonÒs blog is that heÒs the first politician to use a blog to tell us what he really thinks instead of just telling us whatÒs in his diary.

  10. prilosec

    i could easily excape, given the chance, but i thought it diplomatic to end the situation through a request, rather than through rebellion.

  11. protonix

    Luckily, Stefan, the director of the institute, was there to discuss it all and I enjoyed listening to Alan and Stefan discussing it all.

  12. renova

    Yes, I love these guys. I want them to be President. Nobody mentions this, but this is really a brilliant parenting book. Throw the rest of them out. (*****)


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