Tokyo Cafes Include Cats with Tea

From Working Class Cats:

Calico is one of at least three cafes that have opened up in Tokyo this year where visitors can mingle with cats as they enjoy a cup of tea. Visitors to Calico pay 800 yen ($7) an hour or 2,000 yen for three hours in a big room where 14 well-brushed and shampooed cats hang out. After a thorough handwash, the visitor can play with the cats, read comics or just relax.






4 responses to “Tokyo Cafes Include Cats with Tea”

  1. Rhea Avatar

    Gosh, I can’t imagine paying to socialize with cats. Dogs, yes. Cats, no.

  2. Adam Avatar

    Thats innovative! The lounge cats.

  3. Gratefully Rich Avatar

    hi folks!!!!
    Nice to hear about cats in cafes. Rather it would be an really refreshing experience for all those coming to that cafe to play with the cats. nice tom attract crowd and also an excellent stress buster for all customer

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