The Marketing Spiral


David Armano writes up about the marketing spiral versus the marketing funnel…

"The traditional marketing funnel is dead.  Who killed it?  You and I did with a little help from this thing we call the Web.  Well, OK—we really didn’t kill it, we just traded the linear funnel metaphor for something more organic and cyclical. I like to call this “The Marketing Spiral”.

Notable for me is this doesn’t talk about increased money spent for increased access or better products which is how I usually think/talk about the product funnel.






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  1. Ayn Elise Avatar
    Ayn Elise

    My take is that the Marketing Spriral here is possibly aka Social Marketing and perhaps even Blog Marketing. And in the ever increasing time of Information overload, businesses may have to go through the Marketing Spiral before they can even get customers into the ” traditional” product funnel. That what I see going on out there on the web.

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