The Ku Klux Klan’s Seamstress

Symbols, icons and movements of love and hate are all cohesive when we see them in the media or magazines – but who does the leg work? The costuming?
The white robes and pointy hats are unmistakable. But who makes them?
Mother Jones has an article and photo essay, Aryan Outfitters:

Ms. Ruth is a 57-year-old tailor who lives in the Deep South. She makes ceremonial Ku Klux Klan robes and comes from five generations of the Klan. She uses the earnings to help care for her 40-year-old quadriplegic daughter, “Lilbit,” who was injured in a car accident 10 years ago.

Even the hateful are a niche that has specific problems that need to be solved by the right merchant.






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