The Hungry-Bitchies

Do you get the ‘hungry-bitchies’?
You know what I mean. You’re hungry or your blood sugar is low and you find yourself staring at the wall for longer than usual or just wishing the person across from you would just! shut! up!
That’s the hungry-bitchies.
Make no decisions when you are hungry.






2 responses to “The Hungry-Bitchies”

  1. Kristie Tamsevicius Avatar

    I ususally cry or faint when my blood sugar crashes. By the way, I just ordered your book Andy. And we have to meet sometime. I’d love to do a teleclass with my work at home moms list sometime with you.

  2. Kristie Tamsevicius Avatar

    Oh Andy, I hear you are “hot” for Word Press now. What gives? I am a big Word Press fan myself.

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