The History of The Law of Attraction

Spiritual and pseudospiritual movements don’t come out of nowhere and they definitely don’t come from channeled entities. The Law of Attraction maps all the way back to the 19th Century New Thought movement here in the US. The movement then splinters in several smaller movements – each led by a major personality – leading all the way to today’s leaders such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Michael Beckwith. Keep in mind I’m not doing this research to discredit the Law of Attraction – but to add context to the history of the idea that ‘like attracts like.’ Granted, this is a lot less glamorous than a muscular genie with John Basedow abs staring you down… (click image for larger version)

The Secret Movie and The Law of Attraction






3 responses to “The History of The Law of Attraction”

  1. Law Of Attraction Avatar

    Wow this map of the new thought movement is amazing! Thanks for posting it.
    If you wouldn’t mind, I love to reference it on my blog.

  2. bhanu Avatar

    this map is a NEW roadway to the Modern Law Of Attraction
    Thank u for this.
    I like to put it to my blog !

  3. linda Avatar

    you might want to look at Catherine Ponder’s many books… here are some of her titles “The Dynamic Laws of prosperty”
    “Prosperity Secrets of the Ages”, “Open your Mind to Prosperity”, Open your mind to Receive”, “Dare to Prosper” are just some… Thomas Leonard and Catherine Ponder were the first to introduce me to the Laws of Attraction…

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