The Example of eBay

Ron and I watched a special last night on eBay. The big evolution of eBay was that suddenly the community was just as important as the commerce. And what always sort of blew my mind about eBay is how it was the ‘perfect business’ – no tangible produts, no warehouses, just relationships. All of this ‘knowledge economy’ and conversations stuff starts to make much more sense.
The reporter putting together the report seemed determined to sensationalize that OMG some people are crooks online! This is our usual ‘What about the children?’ panic that we here in the States are so fond if. If there’s anything Americans like more than a sex panic – it is a ripoff story. But it does show a shift in thinking about liability – caveat emptor and all that jazz.
I keep joking that in the future we will all just sell our infoproducts back and forth to eachother – as the economy gets ‘post-tangible’ we’ll have nothing but virtual ideas to sell – and what is a share of a stock or an online poker bet but a virtual idea?






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