Text-Link-Ads.com Sold!

Congrats to the gang over at Text-Link-Ads.com! Quoth their president, Patrick Gavin:

I am excited to announce that Text Link Ads Inc will be joining forces with MediaWhiz. This will bring some exciting changes to our platform. Here is how this will benefit you in the coming months…
Publishers: by leveraging MediaWhiz’s agency relationships and sales staff we will be able to sell more ad space on your website. We also will be adding the ability to monetize your website in new ways including: CPA offers and CPM display advertising.
Advertisers: TLA will be working with MediaWhiz to offer new ways to drive traffic and sales to your website including: email marketing, CPA offers, CPM display ads and more!






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    Text Link Ad Sold…

    While bloggers are discussing their PR drop due to text link ads, I’ve just received an “Text LinkAd Sold” email from text link ads. This is the first time my text link has been sold after blogging for 2 months here

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