Teleseminar Technique: Treat Your Transcript Like A Sales Page

Suzanne and I did our preview call last week for Blog Your Way to a Bestseller, ‘Top 10 Ways a Blog Can Market Your Book Cheaper, Easier and Faster’ and I spent the weekend prepping the transcript of the call. This time, I’ve integrated some of the sales page content into the transcript – I’ve put testimonial boxes scattered among the text – each one with a juicy testimonial and a big fat ‘enroll now’ button. I’ve put ad tracking codes on these links – we’ll see how it goes!
To see what I’m talking about – you can grab the audio and transcript at






One response to “Teleseminar Technique: Treat Your Transcript Like A Sales Page”

  1. Javier Avatar

    Hi Andy.
    I wanted to show you
    I saw it recently. It seems fairly new and haven`t read anything in your blog about it yet.
    Don`t you think this web has the potential to turn down the tables again on the world of blogs, user defined content and socializing through the internet in general.
    And another questions, I haven`t had time to read carefully the website or their conditions, but in case that your chosen application is successful, do the visitors/advertising revenues belong to the site creator or to Ning?
    I think this kind of applications can be revolutionary…

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