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Look, people sitting in front of computer screens talking about what bloggers are talking about has to be one of the most mind-numbingly boring things possible. If you think a blogger has something worth saying, get them in a studio. If you think bloggers are covering interesting stories, then cover those stories. But “covering the bloggers” is really just silly.

Totally agree. I think it is crazy when I sit there and watch as two CNN anchors sit there and watch a bunch of blogs on a computer screen.

Stories about blogging and bloggers are boring and old. Move on to the next trend, please. I can’t tell you how many times I get calls from the cable news outlets and radio shows wanting me on the air to talk about “blogs”. I wish it would stop.






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  1. techdope Avatar

    Funny (since that seems to be exactly what Atrios is doing, is it not)?
    It’s a fair point, except that it is inherent in humans to a) duplicate/plagiarize and b) help others. Posting something on one’s own blog can often be done as a means to help disseminate something good/useful/noteworthy to the recipient and/or to help pass on an idea to gain more agreement, even if it is about blogging. Either way, the underlying motivation is Help, more often than not.
    You can buck the above two tendencies, but you may as well fight peoples’ urge to communicate. Good luck!

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