Tags and Folksonomies

Much talk is being made lately about the idea of folksonomy – the idea of allowing an organic category system to grow up around a collection of content. This is showcased in the Flickr photo sharing website as well as the Del.icio.us social bookmarking system. When I add a bookmark to my Del.icio.us account I am allowed to add tags to categorize it for my own future reference. The tags can be obvious to everyone or only important to me. Basically it’s a free form, anarchic method of categorizing and sorting content with the hope that overtime the system settles itself for easy indexing and retrieval.
I think it’s a fantastic idea but I start to wonder when the spammers and pornogaphers are going to exploit it.
Much more intriguing discussion with Lee Lefever’s Tag This – Examples and Overview of Tagging and Folksonomies.






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