I like how we’ve now coined a word for a vacation where you don’t have enough money to leave the house: staycations.

AAA Vice President Mark Brown says the slowing economy and high fuel prices "have pushed some Americans to what we call the traveling tipping point. It’s clear that a small number of us may choose to stay home … and relax with friends and family rather than take a vacation. Gas prices appear to "have nowhere to go but up and consumers and airlines in the United States are being dragged along for a very uncomfortable ride," Brown says. Economics aside, "staying at home for a vacation can be enormously restorative and transformative, and fits much, much better into a lot of people’s schedules and logistics," says Kristie McLean, a life coach in Seattle, Washington.

Poor people call this ‘staying at home.’ Not even poor people – most people. But no, we have to have special name when affluent people do it that says ‘I could go on vacation but it is all just so pricey.’

When we turn thrift into a trend you know this capitalist consumerist car-worshipping culture is in trouble.






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  1. Ann Avatar

    I like Daycation – when you just travel a short distance from home. An example is to travel to a theme park and back in a day.

  2. Licia Berry Avatar

    Staycations can be lovely, but for folks with wanderlust like me and my family, the thirst for the Road Trip can be too much to ignore!
    My husband and I, realizing we were growing apart and in danger of losing our family, left our old life and traveled for 2 years with our kids in a motor home. In a drastic effort to correct the course we were on, we left a great home, community, careers, etc. in Asheville, NC, and leapt, hoping the net would appear, for parts unknown. The image I had then was of our family standing naked on the edge of a cliff!
    We had so many crazy adventures…like the time a tornado almost lifted our RV off the ground outside of Houston, and the time we carried an injured Loggerhead Sea Turtle in the back of our car 27 miles up the beach to the turtle lab at Padre Island! We traveled from Virginia to Arizona, spending as much as 5 months in one location depending on what we felt our intuition was telling us.
    It was an amazing opportunity to re-weave our connections to each other, drop out of what society expected of us, and solidify our family. Our story can be found at, and a short version of the tale was just published in Jack Canfield’s new Law of Attraction book!
    My kids have said they will not only tell this story to their own children, but want to take their own someday families on a journey like ours. Makes my heart happy.

  3. Business Cartoons Avatar

    Ann, I vote tor Daycation too:-) There is an old saying — a man is alive only on the road… — Vlad

  4. Paula G Avatar

    Now THAT is a way to spin it. Perhaps it is a new marketing pitch for the stay at home vacation like those patio ads — “now you can vacation in your own backyard!”. Hmmm unless my backyard comes with a coastal view, it just somehow is NOT the same!

  5. Paul Avatar

    If you’re looking for or want to contribute some staycation ideas please check out my site. Love to hear your suggestions!

  6. Tangjewelry Avatar

    poor people have so much difficulty to deal with, and have so much ideal.

  7. Catherine Behan Avatar

    Hi Andy,
    I am a big fan of yours! I read Blogwild and voila, I am a blogger. I am running into resistance with my 50 something peers. So suspicious of the internet, bless their cotton pickin hearts. I started a blog for all of us 50 somethings and I mentioned your book in the blog.
    I am encouraging people to blog period, people don’t know what they are missing!
    Thanks for teaching me, I am having a great time. I have two blogs now and another couple in idea form.
    Catherine Behan

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