State of the Blog Tool

Elise’s got a new summary of the blog tool market. Key points:

Look to see MSN Spaces take off in the next 6 months. Microsoft is the 800 lb. gorilla sitting in the corner of most software markets, blogging no exception. They have just as much market power as Google does in this space and the market is still young enough for a big player like Microsoft to quickly take a big chunk of the growth.

Six Apart, the company that produces both Typepad and Movable Type, acquired LiveJournal, the second largest blogging service, giving that company a combined Google share of more than 40%, making it the number one provider of weblog tools and services.

In the consumer market, less than 1 percent of those wanting to blog have the skill level or desire to deal with HTML tags, let alone configuring scripts for a server. These tools will never win in the consumer space; they are just too difficult to use.






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