Starbucks Customers Sound Off on Digg/Dell Ideastorm Clone

Shel points to the new Starbucks idea site for customers to submit ideas and vote them up if they think are good ieas. Dell had started this with their IdeaStorm site that was inspired by sites like Digg.

My favorites so far from the Starbucks customers:

Automatic ordering via swipe of card: Starbucks should enable customers to encode their usual customized drink orders on their Starbucks cards and have a scanner available in the front of the store so customers can walk in the store, scan their cards and automatically have the orders 1) paid for off of the card, and 2) sent directly to the barista so the customers can bypass the traditional order line and are ensured that their orders are received correctly.

Now that is a awesome idea. Increases efficiency on all sides.

My other favorite? "Lower your prices…" Riiiight.






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