Social Media Marketing: Attract Traffic with Digg,, Reddit

Darren Rowse over at recently commented on Maki of Dosh Dosh and his experience with using social media marketing to drive traffic to his blog in an article entitled The Importance of Social Media Marketing: Why You Should Learn and Master It.
For all of my fellow bloggers – we know this stuff works. We know we need to …
1. Write. Write good copy. Correction — write great copy. The investment you make now can pay off later – and maybe sooner than you think. Think pillar articles, feature articles – with substantive content that makes your readers wanting more.
2. Promote like there’s no tomorrow. It’s time to visit the social websites and start promoting yourself. Tell the world. Email friends, family, colleagues, and other bloggers who would benefit from your well-written material. Material from you means material for them. Everybody wins – and most importantly – your readers. Once you’ve caught on with Digg,, Reddit and others – the sky’s the limit.
3. Repeat. Go back to step one and do it all over again. Once you’ve got the traffic flowing, take care of it. Keep your visitors top of mind by giving them your best material. Interact, reach out, ask them what they want and give them more. Happy traffic is return traffic.






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  1. David Isserman Avatar

    One thing that should be stressed is that you need to write a good post title to get pushed up in any of these sites…especially in Digg…

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