Small Business Plans Online

As a companion to the business plan archive, Andrew T. Smith sent me his fantastic resource: Business Plans Simplified.






2 responses to “Small Business Plans Online”

  1. Anne Duncan Avatar

    My business plan is ONE page – it’s so simple and has everything need… not just for my business plan but for my marketing plan too.
    How do I manage that? Well, it all down to “The One Page Business Plan” by Jim Horan. I used to pad out my biz and marketing plans because I felt I should have more to say. Now I don’t do that. I have permission from a real expert; I can keep it short and sweet!
    That’s for me.

  2. Marianna Hayes Avatar

    In my experience, simple is more likely to get implemented. Anyone can take months to put together a complicated and lengthy business plan, but how often do the details of that plan get implemented in the day to day? A checklist or one-page format that summarizes the vision and goals of the business while addressing the practical needs of a business plan is much more likely to suceed – of course, it’s always helpful for new businesses and growing businesses to seek the assistance of a business coach to help them stay the course… (shameless self promotion…sorry).

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