Slow Down Your Content Marketing Calendar

From MarketingSherpa’s blog that linked to this blog post on how WorkCompass increased leads by 300% – with a full list of tactics to get the most out of every content piece by chopping it up and dripping it out:

  1. “Publish one piece of anchor content a month e.g. an ebook on a single topic.
  2. It can be small, about 6-7 pages. Big text and lots of pictures. But it must cover the topic well. An example of one I produced is this guide on how to set an employee performance goal..
  3. Split the ebook into weekly blog posts.
  4. Tweet excerpts from the ebook. Not just the book title but tweet quotes from the text.
  5. Repost the blog posts to linkedin pulse, groups and other forums. Put a week delay on these to let the blog get indexed by search engines first. Post the full content. People will appreciate it and still click through to download the ebook.
  6. Use the content to answer questions on
  7. If you find it hard to find people asking questions that your content answers, then you may not be writing the right content.
  8. Set up alerts on social media for people asking questions around the topic so you can share the content.
  9. Take the images from the ebook and post to Flickr under creative commons so people can use (if they link to you). This is a slow burner but works great. I have got links from Forbes, Inc, Mashable and others using this.
  10. Do a press release.
  11. Do a webinar for the content and invite people from outside your existing subscribers as well.
  12. Post the webinar slides on Slideshare.
  13. Post the video recording of the webinar on Youtube.
  14. Promote any of the above content with Pay Per Click ads.”

Full post on the strategy and infographic:

I wrote less content and increased my leads by 300%. This is how I did it.







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