Site Restored

Had 2 outages this morning. One was my ISP – AT&T’s internet access in Chicago was down until about 12:30. Then this blog was down all morning. My dad joked that this is because I was making fun of The Seccret movie. Ruh roh!

Webhost says they moved me from one machine to another and evidently that confused some part of WordPress and so I had to go into the MySQL database and remove the plugins row value and then re-activate each plugin one by one.






3 responses to “Site Restored”

  1. Lyle Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach Avatar

    Ah, sweet technology!
    One of the membership sites I belong to has been down for SEVEN days!
    Take a nap!

  2. Elizabeth Marshall Avatar

    That explains it! I came by for a virtual visit around 11:30 am CT.
    I thought you had so much traffic from the posts about The Secret that your server crashed…

  3. Erin Blaskie Avatar

    Hey Andy!
    I think it’s because of Mercury retrograde. My laptop (for no apparent reason) quit last night. It completely crashed. Tis the season – a lot of my clients are experiencing the same sort of issues… Websites are down, technology is not working, etc. Let’s hope this passes… and quickly!
    🙂 Erin

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