Shy? How You Can Make a Good Impression

Cyan Ta’eed, guest blogging over at Zen Habits wrote an interesting post about Shyness — Eight Essential Tips to Overcoming Shyness and Making a Good Impression.
1. Introduce Yourself
2. Don’t Feel the Need to Qualify Yourself.
3. Ask More, Talk Less.
4. Be Generous.
5. Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover.
6. Remember a Detail.
7. Compliment Others.
8. Think of Others.
With the advent of blogging and podcasting, the new social media, and all the online interaction among folks around the world, I think that in many ways people are less shy than ever. With these new tools, I think many who have thought themselves as shy are now empowered in a whole new way. Maybe I’m wrong. I’d love to know what AW readers think.
If you happen to be shy, do you think that blogging (or podcasting) has made you less so? We would love to hear your thoughts.






6 responses to “Shy? How You Can Make a Good Impression”

  1. Lisa Braithwaite Avatar

    I’ve posted two articles on my blog about shyness in the past year: and
    As someone who’s been speaking professionally for many years and was a theater major in college, it’s surprising to people when I tell them I’m shy.
    But there are lots of ways to deal with shyness; it doesn’t have to control your life or keep you from doing the things you want to do.
    I do think blogging and participating in forums are beneficial for me as a shy person. Becoming part of a community, either on- or offline removes some of that anxiety about meeting new people.

  2. Jay, writer MemberSp Avatar

    I’d say blogging has definitely amped my confidence level. It’s not due to the amount of comments or the number of readers I might have. It’s more of an internal understanding of myself. The more I blog, the more I come to realize who I am. And that ultimately makes me more confident.

  3. Tara Kachaturoff Avatar

    Jay, great comment – we appreciate it. I think that blogging has given a voice to people who otherwise wouldn’t express what they feel about so many different things. I love learning about all the great thoughts and ideas and possibilities that people hold in their hearts and minds. Blogging has truly given us the platform for self-expression .

  4. seo and web design b Avatar

    Very nice post. Blogging is surely a great way to express yourself to many readers. Thanks.

  5. John James Avatar
    John James

    Blogging is a fantastic way to gain confidence and so overcome shyness. I enjoy reading blogs too! I rely a lot on the advice of Frank Haywood.

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