Shiny Media Launches Online Magazine For Smart Girl Geeks


Since Shiny Media’s $4.5m funding just under three months ago, they’ve pushed ahead with launching more niche web sites. One of the latest is, which they describe as “an intelligent women’s online magazine for the blogging generationâ€?. In Shiny’s ongoing mantra of providing great news and commentary, but not taking itself or the subject matter too seriously, Dollymix’s content won’t follow a set editorial style, but will feature thought-provoking, funny articles from guest bloggers and regular columnists. “We’re doing something new with Dollymix by focusing on the fact that not all women are the same and are actually interested in reading a range of view points as well as contributing their own thoughts. The blog format is ideal for fostering this kind of interactive discussion,â€? said Katie Lee, Shiny Media’s Editorial Director. “The site covers everything from the issue over frozen embryos to Mr T’s song for his mother. We think it’ll be the perfect place for women to head to in their lunch break,â€? she continued.






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