SexPacking Clothing Catalog Combines Sex and Commerce

Abercrombie and Fitch may have thought they were so risque when they combined highly sexualized Bruce Weber photography with their clothing. Here comes Shai’s SexPacking Catalog – a video catalog of a couple engaging in explicit erotic acts while wearing the catalog’s clothing. Where other vendors insinuate sex – this approach accepts that clothing is always secondary to our lust for the models pictured. They even heve the catalog in three flavors: Man/Woman, Man/Man and Woman/Woman – each a steamy tryst on a white rotating bed.
I’m not going to post an active link since some folks may not read the above and realize that this content is not safe if you are viewing at work. (you know how to cut and paste, right?)






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  1. sin jane Avatar

    viral marketing at its best. cool.

  2. hamed Avatar


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