Seth Godin’s Blog Traffic Secrets

Seth churns through a long list of blog traffic tips. He forgot:

Use your blog to generate leads into your newsletter and your newsletter to generate leads into your blog.

I do like the thing about writing in Chinese – I should probably start learning Mandarin now.

3 thoughts on “Seth Godin’s Blog Traffic Secrets

  1. alfa

    Wo hen hao? Thanks to your teleclass transcripts I’m learning how to generate some traffic for my blog bit by bit. And yes, that newsletter thing is helping me out.

  2. natalie hodge

    If Seth Says it, them I’m doing it. My marketing education as a Pediatrician started with Purple Cow and is a work in progress. My company Personal Pediatrics is leading the house call healthcare revolution and Seth’s advice has been invaluable for us. Check out and and watch our story as it unfolds!! Natalie Hodge MD Personal Pediatrics affiliate physician, Saint Louis


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