Self-Iteration with Bloggers and the Need to Be Right

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i-Technology Viewpoint: Are We Blogging Each Other To Death? @ WEB 2.0 JOURNAL:

[T]his is a prime example of what my old Cambridge friends would call self-iteration. In other words, Carr himself skims along the surface in his blog, without going deep, in order to demonstrate that one of the perils of the blogopshere is intellectual hydroplaning.

Bloggers, it very often seems, are all legends in their own minds; they commit arson every day in their imagination, burning down the previous day’s lies and distortions. Worse still, so many bloggers suffer from what Albert Camus called “the sign of a vulgar mind,” namely the need to be right.

I would go so far as to say that, on a bad day anyway, there would seem to be an inverse ratio between an opinion’s worth and the ease with which that same opinion can be expressed and disseminated.






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